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Marshmallow Magic Smart Senses Series: Books 1-3
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$6.99 - Now $2.99!

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The Biggest Order Ever

Saving Spring Soccer

Snowball Showdown



Book 1

Released March 22, 2021

Book 2
Released September 23, 2021

Book 3
Release Date
November 21, 2022

Instant eBook Preview! Marshmallow Magic : The Biggest Order Ever


Debbie Zeichner, LCSW, Parent Coach and Mindfulness Instructor

As a parent coach supporting parents in raising kids who are kind, compassionate, empathetic and inclusive, it was such a pleasure to find and read, Marshmallow Magic: The Biggest Order Ever. This sweet book is full of important themes such as friendship, teamwork, problem solving, appreciating and accepting differences, inclusivity and more!


This story about a young girl with food allergies who learns to "look on the bright side" and find positive ways to deal with challenging feelings, offers inspiration and hope for young readers who may feel different or alone in whatever they are dealing with.


I loved the way the characters supported each other as they worked together to solve a challenge and how focused they were on recognizing when others needed acknowledgment and support as well. I especially loved the creative use of vocabulary words and definitions!


I highly recommend this book to any parent, teacher or caregiver and look forward to sharing it with other families.


Entertaining and heart warming story of friendship and perseverance

My kindergartener, second grader and I have been reading a chapter or two a night for the last week and each night they want me to keep reading. They can’t wait to see how the biggest order ever comes together.


The book touches on important themes like empathy for others and self awareness. We’ve been talking about Positive Peepers and Body Bonkers all week. And you know what? It actually came in handy when my daughter came home upset and left out of a play date. We talked about her ability to put on some Positive Peepers and it made her smile and relax.


We fell in love with the three girls in the story and look forward to the future books!


Finally! A book with kind and empathetic characters - Highly recommended

As a mother of 8 year old daughters, I am always looking for books with characters who are kind and a story that is assessible. This is it! Three friends work together (in their bakery). The characters each have their own strengths, and they support one another with kindness and encouragement (no jealously). Plus, the parents are shown as loving and helpful (there is no "snarky" in this story!). One of the characters has food allergies, so the author weaves in this concept, modeling for young readers how they can accept and empower themselves. 

Throughout the book and in the glossary, the author includes 5 "Smart Senses" - practical steps that children can use when they are faced with a life challenge (all age-appropriate). 

My daughters LOVE this story, and as a mother (and teacher) I am thrilled to have found a new series that "shows by example" how we can have empathy for ourselves and for others. 

I highly recommend this series and would give it 10 stars if I could.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful story with wonderful characters!

I'm a PA who works directly with children who have food allergies and I absolutely love this story and the characters! Food allergies are often a poorly understood condition that kids suffer from, but it goes so far beyond the simple dangers of eating peanuts (or other foods). 


Kids often can't socialize with their friends and do normal kid-things like go to birthday parties, baseball games, and they often can't even eat at the same table as their peers! This book does a wonderful job of showing what food allergies can be like and I hope it can show other kids with this condition they are not alone.


Empathy goes a long way! A+++!

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